6 Productive Ways to Prepare Effectively For the Finals

Students tend to get hasty and anxious when the finals are around the corner. Mainly because they have to tweak their already-hectic schedule and fit in the time required to prepare for the finals. Preparation for final exams can get pretty messy if you don’t organize yourself and your schedule beforehand. Not to mention you also have to consider ditching your best friends, late night gathering, missing out on your favorite shows, etc. However, you can’t help it because it is the only right option to secure best grades. Still, sometimes you feel like you are not making the most of th

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Valuable Job Application Guidelines Every Fresh Grad Must Know

Fresh grads often find themselves in a great dilemma when it comes to finding a lucrative job. During their studies in colleges they learn a lot of valuable stuff that they can use in their professional career. However, they are rarely taught of the essential stuff that comes before it, i.e., how to find and apply for a job efficiently. It is necessary to understand for every fresh graduate that the current job market comprises of a great deal of competition, especially among entry-level applicants. Unless they have the right comprehension of the ins and outs of effective job applicatio

4 Ways You Can Make Your College Education Cost-Effective

High-school students rush to complete their high-school education so that they could enter a well-recognized college and enjoy the highly-buzzed college life. Students waste no time in finding the best colleges by skimming through brochures or taking tour of each place to get a hang of their prospective academy. However, during all that excitement they often tend to forget about assessing the unrealistic college tuition fee that they have to spend once they find the college of their dream. While searching for the best college, it is also important to assess the expenses that your higher-edu

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4 Ways You Can Get a College Degree Without Breaking a Sweat

Getting a College degree from a respectable and prominent college is every individual’s dream. After all, a college degree is the only thing that can assure a lucrative career. Students who pursue advance education as opposed to those who only stick to getting a college degree get even a better remuneration. However, we cannot avert our eyes from the fact that earning a degree, let alone an advance degree like PhD, isn’t easy at all as it may seem. College lifestyle is so hectic that only few are able to make it to the finals. Such lifestyle is quite stressful for the students mainl

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Some Notable Tips to Consider For Conducting Literature Reviews

During college or university education, students are asked to put together advance academic papers on a number of complex and insightful topics. These academic papers are usually lengthy in nature since they are composed of different key sections. One such section – that daunts many students – is literature review. A literature review section entails the analysis and interpretation of a study which has been published by a qualified expert or scholar. These reviews tell the readers how the published study is directly or loosely related to the topic that is being discussed in the acad

Develop Good Research Skills and Become a Specialist in Your Field

It is quite common in many colleges or universities that students dislike or give less importance to their academic papers such as research papers. It is mainly because these papers call for in-depth examination or study of a subject, which is obviously quite time-consuming and sometimes nerve-racking as well. However, what they don’t comprehend is the crucial outcome that it bestows upon the student. For instance, by practicing the research skills and developing it to an advance level, one could become a research specialist in the desired field. Research specialists are those individuals

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Michael Sandel’s Online Course “Justice” Criticized by Professors of San Jose State

Harvard’s top-star professor Michael Sandel’s online course edX ER22x: “Justice” is slammed by San Jose State’s philosophy department in an open letter delivered last week. San Jose State University accepted it publicly that they have used online courses to attract more students. This step was taken to reduce the growing costs; however it triggered a slight draw back. The faculty members of philosophy dept. issued an intense statement that declared, “We regard such courses as a serious compromise of quality of education and, ironically for a social justice course, a case of so

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The Great Significance of Overseas Education in Building a Successful Future

Learning abroad can be a very wonderful experience for individuals with regards to their social and professional life. Overseas education brings with it many benefits but for only those who dare to live and study abroad. The experience of leaving the home in search of knowledge and going to a place filled with strangers can really change an individual’s perspective on different things. Every year thousands of aspiring students go to abroad regions for learning advance studies and molding their career into a successful and bright one. However, not many individuals are able to fulfill their d

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Identifying the Right Career Goals in a SMART Way

Determining a specific career goal or objective is the foremost step that you have to take before setting out to a professional career. It is a given that to accomplish any task you need to have a specific goal in mind. There could be a number of reasons why you would want to join a specific career pathway. You may want to opt for a career because of salary, self-satisfaction, interest, etc. Failure to determining the right goal will leave you with no direction. Thus, you won’t be able to know which path leads to success and which one leads to failure. There are two types of goals you c

Albany Teacher Ask Students to Take a Nazi Perspective & Argue Why Jews Are Evil

A high-school teacher has been put on leave after causing a huge outrage in New York. The 10th grade Teacher told students to put themselves in Nazis’ shoes and convince her that the problems in Germany were stirred by Jews. Students were challenged to demonstrate solid justification by using historical propagandas and critical analysis skills that they were taught in their history class. Superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard of Albany school district said that the committee will take immediate disciplinary action against the teacher. However, she didn’t clearly state how that teac

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